In the years 2007-2009, Warm Beach Camp joined with Sister Connection (SC) in providing Youth Camps for the youth & young adults of SC-sponsored widows. Along with providing program support for these camps, WBC has also engaged in leadership development with Burundian leaders in order to build their capacity to deliver meaningful camps & retreats.

Typically, Camp Burundi has occurred in late August through early September. There are now two camps conducted nearly back-to-back of three days each. They range in size from 250-350 youth and young adults. One camp is for teens and one for young adults.

Programming consists of keynote worship sessions along with a rotation of games, crafts, songs. Worship sessions are comprised of worship led by the Burundian team, a keynote address by a WBC team member, skits, and often some range of small-group interaction around the topics being addressed. The Burundian team provides translation, camper management, helps lead activities, and provides for more intensive counseling and HIV/AIDS training. The programming is planned collaboratively, although the distance and language barriers preclude detailed planning until we arrive in Burundi.

The ministry team generally gains some exposure to Burundian culture and the work of Sister Connection among the widows and orphans. In addition, there is usually a tour of Hope Africa University, the only Christian liberal arts university in the country. Exposure to the range of God’s work in that country increases our team members sense of mission & calling and provides a context for the work we do with the camps.

Currently, ministry teams are formed through Sister Connection and the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church. Warm Beach Camp supports the youth camps and the widow’s retreats as requested. Sister Connection is supported at the Board of Director’s level, through exposure at Warm Beach Camp events, and through any other avenues requested. For more information, contact Sister Connection through their website .